Boxer Paddy Reilly has hair transplant

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Paddy Reilly

Paddy ReillyIt seems like everyone is now undergoing hair transplants, with reality star and professional boxer Paddy Reilly becoming the latest celebrity to publicly admit to the procedure. Reilly is a part of and a star of Glasgow’s first reality glamour series ‘GLOW’.

The rise of hair transplants

Hair transplants have become as commonplace as procedures such as teeth whitening among celebrities and are an easy way to resolve and halt receding hairlines and bald patches. Celebrities such as international football star Wayne Rooney, top chef Gordon Ramsey and former cricketer Phil Tufnell have all openly spoken about their procedures in an attempt to break down associated stigma around the surgery.

Thirty one year old Reilly was more than happy to openly confirm he had had the surgery as an attempt to combat his receding hairline, quoting the procedure as ‘the best thing I’ve ever done’.

Reilly mentioned that the procedure was not an attempt to resolve thinning hair; it was actually to change his hair line as it was something he has always felt self-conscious about. He claims after numerous pre-consultations with his doctors who offered him honest advice as he was nervous, that he was confident enough to undergo the procedure. Reilly also hopes that his hair will become his crowning glory when the reality show broadcasts later on this year.

what is a hair transplant?

Hair transplants can be done on both men and women, doctors extract hair from a donor site with miniscule instruments for precision and implant the hair wherever the patient needs to increase their hair density or fill in bald patches. The procedure is simple, sophisticated and can be performed under a local anaesthetic to minimise any patient discomfort.

The procedures can take anywhere from two to six hours depending on the severity of the hair loss However success rates are high and treatment appears to work in practically every single case.


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