How to handle hair loss the Hollywood way

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Hollywood hair loss

Hollywood hair lossIn a city where retaining your looks has a very real impact on your chances of winning a plum role and earning a living the hair loss industry is positively thriving.  Whilst many of the same treatments that are available just about everywhere are on offer, there are some with a peculiarly Hollywood slant.

On the red carpet within a week of a transplant

Hair transplants have become increasingly popular, mainly due to the ever increasing success levels and reduction in recovery time thanks to innovations in techniques and technology.  In Hollywood you can really move into the 21st century though with the ARTAS Robotic Hair Transplant System which is thought to be more precise than a human surgeon with its facility to make 3D models of patient’s heads before performing incisions.  According to one surgeon who now employs the system, “I’ve had clients caught on camera a week later, and nobody knew they had anything done.”

Injecting compounds made from foetal foreskins!

There’s also a number of injectable compounds being touted as hair loss solutions.  These range from the relatively normal PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) to the positively outlandish HSC (Hair Stimulating Complex) which is currently undergoing trials with a company supplying foetal foreskins – only in Hollywood!

One treatment which Tinsel Town has adopted with relish from Europe is Scalp Micropigmentation (SMP).  Used either alone to create a mean looking crew cut on a bald head or as a way of darkening the glare of a shiny scalp, giving the impression of volume under the harsh studio lights the procedure is really taking hold.  A skilled practitioner can create an illusion of real layered 3d hair that is indistinguishable from the real thing.  So far Hollywood hasn’t added its own stamp to the treatment but watch this space – it’s only a matter of time.



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