Do you ever get used to being bald?

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bald man

bald manFor many men, going bald can be a devastating experience. While hair loss is an extremely common issue, it doesn’t ease the negative psychological effects suffered throughout the balding process. The question is, once the hair is totally lost, do you ever get used to being bald?

Is it possible to embrace baldness?

There’s been a lot of positive media coverage of men who are openly embracing their baldness. While they’re certainly inspirational, does it mean all men will eventually get used to being bald? Maybe, but as 53-year old David Toussaint admits, that isn’t always the case.

Opening up about his experience with baldness, Toussaint claims he finds it difficult to deal with his lack of hair. Instead, he prefers to cover up the problem with hats whenever possible. At 53 years of age, Toussaint is still struggling to come to terms with the problem, proving the self-consciousness over hair loss doesn’t always go away.

What options do you have if you can’t accept it?

If you’re one of the many men who cannot accept or get used to your baldness, help is available. While hair transplants aren’t really a viable option for those who have gone completely bald, a procedure known as SMP could be a good alternative.

SMP, or Scalp MicroPigmentation, is similar to a tattoo but far more specialised.  Small pigments of specialist ink are insertd into the scalp using fine microneedles. It creates an almost miraculous shaved head appearance. Mimicking real hair follicles, the ink produces exceptionally realistic 3d layered results. There are hundreds of different coloured inks available and several are often used to create realistic shading.

The results of SMP are long-lasting. It also requires very little maintenance and can do wonders for giving men back their self-esteem and confidence. To find out more about SMP and whether it would be a good option for you, you can complete the form on the right or call us to arrange a free and confidential consultation with one of team of friendly experts.


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