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Aclaris Therapeutics Inc. have made the latest in a series of announcements on their research into JAK inhibitors for hair loss.


Aclaris Therapeutics Inc.

Aclaris are based in Pennsylvania. They were set up to address areas of the market where they saw unmet needs, like hair loss, and seek to develop and bring to market innovative therapies to address them.

They have, in recent years, in a series of statements announced steps forward in their work with Columbia University, with who they have a commercial agreement to take discoveries to market, on hair loss treatments. This has seen them develop a large portfolio of patents based on a medication which works on a particular group, or family, of enzymes known as  Janus Kinase.

JAK Inhibitors

Put simply, the team at Aclaris are developing methods of interrupting the signals that are passed using the Janus Kinase enzymes, along the JAK-STAT signalling pathway. These medications are generically called JAK inhibitors, though since we last wrote about them the term “jakinibs” seems to have taken hold.


A few days ago Aclaris announced that they have received a patent to cover the use of a particular JAK inhibitor, this one called tofacitinib. The approval covers it’s use to both induce hair growth and to prevent hair loss. It adds to the existing portfolio which already boasts treatments for alopecia areata and adrogenetic, or hereditary, hair loss.

HIS Hair Clinic

We have followed the work of Aclaris for some time now, they are interesting to follow. Their connection to one of the leading universities, responsible for delivering the innovative treatments, leaves them with the clear focus on taking them through the bureaucracy and bringing them to market. Hopefully this will be a mutually beneficial arrangement that will become a standard way for universities to benefit from their ability to develop through intellect and monetize their success. It seems eminently sensible to us. You can see the original press release on Global Newswire by clicking here

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