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Neem leaves have been used in Asia for centuries and are touted as a hair loss saviour. We look closer.


What Are Neem Leaves?

Neem is a tree that grows natively across the Indian subcontinent, it can also be found in Australia where it was introduced in the 1940’s to provide shade to cattle. Also known as Nimtree or Indian Lilac it is a member of the mahogany family. It grows quickly to a height of up to 20M and develops a dense crown that may be as wide as the tree is tall. It produces white, fragrant flowers and fruit similar in appearance to an olive. It is extremely resistant to drought and consequently is designated a weed in many areas.


The shoots and flowers of the tree are eaten, though it is an acquired taste and not for everyone. The uses for Neem have, for centuries, revolved around it’s pharmaceutical properties which offer a solution to a range of problems. In Ayurvedic medicine it is credited with being anthelmintic; antifungal; antidiabetic; antibacterial; antiviral; contraceptive and sedative. It is also a major component in Siddha medicine where it is particularly prescribed for skin diseases including eczema and psoriasis.

Neem Leaves For Hair Loss

There are a number of health issues associated with actually eating Neem, all of them triggered by eating too much or for too long. A safer bet then is to use the oil as a topical ointment which can be massaged into the scalp. Simply heat the oil, do not boil, prior to massaging it into the scalp for 5 or 10 minutes. Leave it on for an hour then take a shower. Twice a week is apparently enough… though you should be prepared for the smell of the oil, which is not exactly pleasant. Console yourself with all that good you might be doing.

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Neem has remarkable set of properties, which combine to suggest it makes a sensible addition to a skincare routine, especially if you suffer from skin conditions of any kind. We are less convinced of it’s ability to stave off genetic hair loss but it may be a great way to prepare your scalp for a series of Scalp Micropigmentation (SMP) treatments.

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