Differing attitudes to baldness

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Differing attitudes to baldness

Differing attitudes to baldnessAn alopecia sufferer has recently revealed he’s happy he hasn’t got hair anymore. What’s more, he plans on maintaining his bald look. Paul Roche didn’t always accept the condition however, and initially he did attempt to cover it up with headwear and sunglasses.

When it comes to baldness, there does appear to be very different attitudes between both men and women. Here, we’ll look at how hair loss is often viewed and what can be done for those who aren’t willing to accept it.

Not all men are thrilled to see their hair disappear

While Roche may embrace his newfound baldness, his attitude does seem to be in the minority. Take Nick, a 30-something TV producer for example.

He battled to keep hold of his ever-receding hairline for as long as humanly possible. It was in his mid-thirties that he discovered an obvious bald patch. His hairdresser also started asking far too many questions about his hair styling habits. He’d considered shaving the hair off, but just wasn’t ready.

It wasn’t until Nick went on holiday that he felt comfortable shaving his head. Safe in the comfort that nobody knew him, he got out his razor and bit the bullet. However, while he’s got used to the shaved look, he still isn’t ready to embrace a full bald look.

He admitted he’s gone through all kinds of emotions on his hair loss journey. From denial to anger and depression to acceptance – it’s been a rollercoaster.

If Nick’s story sounds all too familiar, there is one way you can ensure you maintain the shaved look for as long as possible – SMP.

How SMP can help

SMP, or Scalp MicroPigmentation, is becoming a really popular treatment for hair loss. Hundreds of little pigments of ink are tattooed into the scalp. Numerous natural shades are used to produce a realistic result, and it lasts for up to a year before it starts to fade.

What you’re left with is a fully shaved look without the constant maintenance required to actually shave the head frequently.

Overall, while embracing your baldness is definitely the healthier and easiest option, some men just aren’t ready to go completely bald. Don’t worry if you’re not ready, SMP is a fantastic alternative that will help you regain your confidence for as long as it’s required.


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