Is Prince Harry using caviar pills to fight that bald spot?

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Is Prince Harry using caviar supplements to fight his bald patch?

Is Prince Harry using caviar supplements to fight his bald patch?Pictures over the last few years suggest that along with the throne, hair loss also appears to be inherited in the royal family. Prince Harry has often made jokes about how his elder brother Prince William suffers from a receding hairline, much like their father, yet it seems likely that Prince Harry is also experiencing male pattern baldness at the age of 32.

An insider has reported that Prince Harry is using extra-strength omega-3 supplements made from herring caviar. These fatty acids when added into a healthy diet are known to prevent hair-loss and promote further hair growth as well as overall well-being.

Prince Harry’s hair loss follows the typical pattern seen in male pattern baldness – hair thinning at the crown and a slow receding hair line. There are however, multiple ways to successfully conceal and combat a bald patch.

Concealing a bald patch

If your hair only beginning to thin out at the crown then various solutions are available, such as:

  • Sprinkle-on volumising hair fibres, which stick onto the scalp and mimic natural, short hair
  • Spray-on hair thickening sprays, spray on coloured fibres which allow you to almost paint over your bald patch
  • Topical creams, such as minoxidil can slow down hair loss and promote hair growth when hair loss is only recent.
  • Scalp micro pigmentation (SMP)

What is SMP?

SMP, short for scalp micropigmentation, is a specialised technique in which the scalp has tiny pigments deposited onto it, in a similar fashion to a tattoo. This creates a uniform and realistic stubble effect on the scalp. SMP is often recommended for men who have suffered extreme hair loss – however as the results are so natural and require minimal maintenance, many men use it to conceal bald patches or thinning areas.

SMP is particularly useful for a problem like Prince Harry’s, where the patch is at the back of the head, as hair transplants to this area can be tricky.


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