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The latest client video to come out of the HIS Hair clinic in Seattle is compelling testimony to the quality of SMP being delivered there.

Restless In Seattle


By the time Andrew walked through the doors of our Seattle clinic he had already been trying to cope with early onset male pattern baldness for some time. His strategies will be all too familiar to many who have been through the same challenging journey. Over time he became increasingly self-conscious, he found it more difficult to meet girls and was going out less and less. His hair loss was governing his life in a profoundly negative way. Despite being a young, physically fit man with an easy charm and a great smile, his confidence was completely undermined and at it’s worst when meeting strangers of his own age.

A Life Transformed


Andrew, 26, came for a consultation and was immediately impressed, he got to meet someone who already had an SMP but more importantly had all his questions answered, and more. The decision was an easy one for Andrew, the promise of a fast, long-term fix for his problem was a “no-brainer,” particularly as, like many young sufferers, he already kept his hair very short.

Making the decision to go ahead a quick one is not the same thing as having no reservations, the period of reflection that takes place, between booking and arriving for treatment, can be fraught with anxieties. You can find yourself in a world of “what ifs” where doubts creep in – Will it work on me? Will everyone notice? Am I too pale/red/dark? Is there something about the skin on my scalp that will cause an unanticipated problem. The forum is always there, a great place to get feedback from hundreds, thousands maybe, of clients who have already taken the journey. They are happy to answer questions and provide support for those that need it.

Was It Worth It?

The answers to questions before you have your treatment are often variable. For example, exactly how much pigment will be retained after the first session is always something of a mystery until it has been done. What is never in doubt is the emotional high of completing the journey. For starters all those doubts are blown away, by putting yourself in the hands of HIS practitioner you guaranteed this finish but it is still a relief to get there. At the end, the overwhelming sense is not of the experience being a motion away from your old bald self, rather it is a realisation that you are now a member of that other gang, the one with a full head of hair. It can be emotional not just for the client but for their nearest and dearest too.

In these videos you can enjoy Andrew seeing himself straight after his final session and another where he shows it to his parents for the first time,

HIS Hair Clinic


Andrew found his way to an SMP practitioner trained by HIS Hair, one who continues to benefit from their continued thought leadership in an industry they created – HIS Hair continue to lead the market in regards to their pigment, equipment and techniques. It is all backed by the owners personal guarantee that every single client is assured of reaching a perfect finish.

If, like Andrew, you live in the Seattle area then there is a HIS clinic on your doorstep, but there are another 6 clinics across the USA. Wherever you live a consultation with a HIS expert is just a click away – find your nearest clinic by clicking here and scrolling down the page you land on, consultations are best face to face but can be done in a Skype call if distance is an issue.



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