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According to analysts Mintel, the market for nutricosmetics is expected to double with hair loss sufferers a prime target.


What Are Nutricosmetics

The story starts  in Sweden in the late 1980’s when a biochemist named Ake Dahlgren came up with the world’s first nutricosmetic, Imedeen. Dahlgren observed that marine extracts, when taken orally, could help protect and restore the structure and function of the skin… an effect that had been shown in clinical studies. He developed

So a nutricosmetic is any nutritional supplement that is designed to provide support to the structure and function of the skin… and why Dahlgren is called by some the “Father of Internal Skincare.”


Nutricosmetics Market Size

Imedeen these days is just one of an ever growing shelf of nutricosmetics on the pharmacy shelves. Estimated to be worth around £2.5B in 2013 the global market is expected to grow by more than 100%, according to Mintel, to £5.5B by 2020. Little wonder then that the celebrity bandwagons are competing to stick their names to new products.. Jeniffer Aniston and Kim Kardashian just two from the long list of usual suspects. Along with their favourite celebrity endorsing these products the manufacturers are also playing a part in making them accessible to all… one offers a chewable supplement for hair loss with berry flavours. All well and good  but we note that it contains selenium, which can offer benefits to healthy hair (and mind as selenium can be used to treat depression) but take to much and it can actually cause hair loss.


Caveat Emptor

Buyer beware is always a good motto when it comes to these over the counter medicines. As with the chewable tablets containing selenium it falls to the buyer to be confident that what they are taking will have no ill effects. As for benefits, well we would want to point out that simply adding one or more of the vitamin B’s to your diet through supplements will make no difference if there is unsufficient protein in your diet, those B vitamins are necessary to hair, but they do it by catalyzing the protein you eat… so no protein, no hair.

The original nutricosmetic, Imedeen, to this day has no clinical evidence to support its claims to improve skin health. Also, because the formula is secret it is impossible to know the optimal dose.


HIS Hair Clinic

We advocate a good diet ahead of supplements when it comes to hair health. Getting enough protein and iron in your diet will always be preferable than trying to top up with pills. But if you are absolutely certain there are no downsides to your pill of choice, and you can afford it, then there should be no harm in adding these to your routine. But don’t expect them to help with pattern baldness.

If you are ready to discuss your hair loss situation with one of our team of friendly experts simply complete the contact form at the side of this page, or click here to find your nearest clinic.




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