Is the onion an answer to hair loss?

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onion hair loss

onion hair lossIf you’ve started to lose your hair, it’s understandable you may have turned to the internet for a potential solution. There’s a lot of natural remedies recommended online which claim to combat hair loss and one which you may have come across is onion.

Yep, onions are said to be one of the best natural remedies to treat hair loss; particularly onion juice. But could this humble staple ingredient really be the answer to your hair loss worries?

Why onions are recommended as a hair loss solution

Unlike some natural remedies for hair loss, there is actually some scientific basis to suggest onions could work to combat shedding.

It’s all down to the antifungal and antibacterial properties of the onion which are said to prove beneficial. These help to encourage healthier hair growth, as well as replenish the hair and restore vital nutrients within the follicles. They contain very potent antioxidants which are also said to prevent greying of the hair, as well as treat dandruff.

However, whilst there is some basis behind onions as a potential cure, the reality is onion juice alone isn’t going to solve your hair loss worries. It certainly isn’t going to be as effective as the proven treatments available.

The importance of seeking proper treatment

When it comes to hair loss, there are so many different potential causes. From the diet you eat, to the medications you take – lots of things could be triggering your hair loss. The problem with this is that different causes require a different treatment method. So, while things such as onion juice, may help restore the hair after temporary lifestyle related hair loss, it’s unlikely to do anything to solve medical related hair loss conditions.

Seeking a proper diagnosis will help you determine not only the cause, but the best course of treatment too. So, if you’re worried about your thinning or shedding locks, book a consultation today and avoid trying out any natural remedies before you’ve established the true cause of the problem.


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