Why are Chinese young men losing hair?

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Chinese men hair loss

Chinese men hair lossA new poll has revealed Chinese men are losing their hair earlier than ever before. Results show that men are now seeking out hair loss treatment from the age of 21-22. It’s not only medical data which supports this evidence, consumer data also seems to confirm the condition is striking younger patients.

Art and Marxism students most likely to develop hair loss

The poll, carried out by the Beijing Tsinghua University, questioned 4,000 students. This makes it a fairly large, comprehensive study. It revealed a staggering 60% of respondents were suffering from some degree of hair loss.

40% of those claimed they noticed the problem themselves after seeing their hairline was receding. However, 25% were only aware of the issue after friends or family told them about it. It was also discovered that art and Marxism students were the most likely to suffer from early-onset hair loss, while students studying science, mathematics and engineering were least likely to have the condition.

It’s been blamed on neurological factors such as insomnia, irregular life patterns and stress. There have been many studies which have shown stress can cause hair loss, particularly unusually high volumes of stress.

Treating stress related hair loss

While the results of the survey are worrying, it’s important to note that stress related hair loss is only temporary. It’s not the same as male pattern baldness. So, temporary treatments such as Minoxidil and Finasteride could prove invaluable at addressing the problem until it naturally clears up.

However, for those experiencing early male pattern baldness, more permanent treatments such as a hair transplant or SMP, should be sought. Overall, it’s not just Chinese men who are starting to lose their hair earlier. Hair loss is becoming an increasingly common problem for men across the globe. However, people need to know that there are effective treatments out there which can at least help alleviate the vicious circle of additional stress caused by the hair loss.


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