Football manager turns hair transplant guru

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Football manager turns hair transplant guru

Football manager turns hair transplant guruA lot of people don’t realise quite how much progress has been made in the area of hair transplant surgery. Development in techniques and equipment have made the procedure much less hassle and a lot more likely to succeed than in previous years. One sporting personality who has become something of a hair transplant evangelist after experiencing the procedure himself is former Maidstone United Manager, Lloyd Hume.

Simple and quick recovery

Hume (who managed Maidstone between 2004 and 2010) now invests in a hair loss clinic in Glasgow where he helps get the message across about how easy the whole procedure is. He’s a firm believer in the power of word of mouth when it comes to hair transplants. Initially there is quite a bit of trepidation, claims Hume, but once you’ve seen a friend go through the procedure then it’s much easier to throw yourself into it.

In his words, “The thought of having a hair transplant is daunting but if a friend told you how simple it was, and that it only takes one day, it becomes more simple to get your head round. The recovery is very quick – within 10 days. Other than having more hair, no one would know you’d had surgery.”

It’s a myth that only celebrities have hair transplants

There is still a fairly prohibitive cost of £8-12,000 but as Lloyd points out the the costs need to be looked at in context as the results can be lifechanging and despite Michael Hassini from TOWIE undergoing treatment at the clinic last year Lloyd explains that 99% of procedures are not for celebrities.

Interestingly Lloyd isn’t the only sporting personality to see the benefits of the growing hair transplant industry. Recently the Manchester Evening News reported that Ryan Giggs had backed ex England cricket captain, Michael Vaighan’s Knutsford salon. If only Wayne Rooney had known before his transplant last year he might have been able to negotiate a discount with his ex Manchester United team mate.


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