Shane Warne opens up about his hair loss battle

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Shane Warne opens up about his hair loss battle

Shane Warne opens up about his hair loss battleEx-Cricketer Shane Warne has recently opened up about his hair loss battle, claiming he’s sported some “really bad hairstyles” in the past.

During an interview with Jonesy & Amanda from WSFM, Warne talked about his previous hair disasters prior to seeking treatment a decade ago. He claimed the pressure of the cameras caused him to become self-conscious of his balding hair; particularly as the cameras focused on the crown while he was bowling.

Warne is just one famous sports star to seek treatment for his balding locks and it highlights the strain male celebrities are under to look their best. So, what helped Warne regain his famous blonde locks and what options are available to men looking for hair loss solutions?

Laser treatments and hair transplants

Warne’s regrowth has largely been down to laser treatment and hair transplants. Often, men do benefit from a combination of treatments, rather than just one solution. However, it does depend entirely upon the severity and type of baldness experienced.

For Warne, like many men he suffered with hair loss on the crown of his head. Laser therapy helped to regrow the back and sides, whereas the crown of his head required a slightly different, strand-by-strand treatment.

Laser treatment in particular, has shown very promising results, though for the majority of men, a hair transplant is a more expensive, unobtainable option. So, what treatments are available to those who don’t have the type of money Warne has to treat his hair loss battle?

What options are available?

If you can’t afford a hair transplant, or you’re concerned about undergoing surgery, SMP is a great alternative. Tiny pigments are inserted into the scalp, creating an illusion of a shaved head. It’s a realistic procedure which requires practically zero maintenance.

Laser treatment like Warne had, is another great option. Or, if your hair has only just started to become thinner, you may benefit from medications and topical treatments such as Minoxidil.

Before deciding which treatment is right for you, book a consultation with a hair specialist to see which option would be better.


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