Football legend Didi Hamann’s hair transplant

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footballFollowing in the hallowed footsteps of Wayne Rooney – who wasn’t afraid to tell the world that he has had not one, but two hair transplants since 2011 – ex-Liverpool FC player Didi Hamann shares his own hair transplant experience.

What “Didi” have done?

In preparation for a new, high-profile TV job on Match of the Day, Didi had 2,300 grafts – containing 4000 individual hairs – moved from the back and sides of his scalp to his hairline, which has been gradually receding for nearly a decade.

His surgeon at Crown Clinic in Manchester – Dr Shalmalak – commented that a series of high profile celebrities getting hair transplants have raised the profile of the treatment so that many more ordinary men – often younger men too – are seeking treatment for androgenic alopecia now than in previous years.

What is a hair transplant?

A hair transplant is a straightforward procedure that takes little more than an afternoon in the hands of a skilled surgeon. Grafts are taken in what is known as follicular units – each containing 3-5 hairs – and positioned artfully on the hairline area where tiny incisions have been made.

It is painstaking work for the surgeon – who must also have an eye for aesthetics – to ensure a natural finish. The perfect combination of evenly yet randomly spaced follicular units is crucial and this is possibly where the really hard work lies.

It has to be said that Didi’s transplant is looking pretty good, one year on, and the very natural-looking results are enough to reassure anyone thinking of having the treatment, that it would be money well spent!


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