Did Trump’s hair get him elected?

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Did Trump's hair get him elected?

Did Trump's hair get him elected?In a recent commentary piece in the Independent, Cambridge lecturer and author Andy Martin takes a sardonic look at Donald Trump and the importance of his hair in the presidential elections, describing the style as “ironic exercise in postmodern self referentiality”. He goes on to make a convincing, if tongue-in-cheek argument that without the famed style Trump would not have won the election, associating his golden tresses with power, strength and even going as far as comparing it with “a crown he has placed on his head.”

Baldness isn’t necessarily a bad thing

Recent research into baldness and the social standing of follicly challenged males is at  odds with Martin’s assertions though. There is substantial evidence to suggest that the bald male projects a kind of silent social dominance and wisdom. Whilst this may be of some comfort to bald men worldwide it’s not really borne out in world leaders and most specifically American Presidents. Sure, you could say that Gerald Ford was balding but then he wasn’t elected.

Only Eisenhower stands out in modern times as President who was losing it but then he didn’t really have to worry about his masculine credentials given his pivotal role in the Second World War.

Even George Washington had a pigtail!

In fact, when you think about great American Presidents you do picture hairstyles. It’s hard to divorce the image of Lincoln from his beard and imposing black mane or George Washington from his curls and pigtail. Maybe Donald Trump, the expert in selling his own brand is on to something and has one eye on a place in the history books. It may be pushing it a bit to assert that his hair actually got him elected but whether he would have won with a Lex Luthor style bald bonce is questionable.


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