Kylie Minogue “paid for ex’s hair plugs”

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Kylie Minogue paid for ex's hair plugs

Kylie Minogue paid for ex's hair plugsA family friend has revealed pop’s sweetheart, Kylie Minogue, paid a massive $10,000 for her ex-fiancé’s hair plugs. Peter Ford was speaking to Jackie O and Kyle Sandilands on the KIIS radio show, when he let slip about Minogue’s extravagant gift to the man she loved.

Ford was quick to add that Minogue’s ex, Joshua Sasse, never asked or tried to get money out of her, and that it was something she wanted to do.

Sasse’s remarkable transformation

If you take a look at before and after photos of Minogue’s ex-fiance, it’s clear to see he has had something done to his once balding locks. When Ford mentions hair extensions, or implants, he could be referring to artificial hair transplants.

Otherwise known as Biofibre biocompatible artificial hair implants, they are inserted into the scalp during a light surgical procedure. It’s a fairly timely procedure as the strands need to be inserted one by one in order to achieve a more natural look. They come in set lengths and provide a more instant look compared to an actual hair transplant. However, it is a costly and timely procedure and there are much cheaper, faster treatment options out there.

Hair plugs, transplants or SMP – which is better?

While hair plugs certainly have a place in the hair loss industry, transplants and SMP tend to be a more popular option. Transplants can be costly, but they do provide a permanent, impressive result. SMP on the other hand is great for those seeking a non-surgical, cheaper, long-lasting and zero maintenance style.

The hair plugs Sasse used do need to be maintained by specialised products and they’re only available in 13 different colour options. SMP, however, comes with hundreds of different coloures pigments, guaranteeing a completely natural result.

Overall, Minogue was clearly smitten with Sasse to pay for his hair plugs, but for those who don’t have a rich fiancée, cheaper equally as effective options are available.


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