So that’s how he does it – secret behind Trump’s hair revealed

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So that's how he does it! Secret behind Trump's hair revealed

So that's how he does it! Secret behind Trump's hair revealedDonald Trump never seems to be out of the news at the moment as he moves from one controversy to another. Nothing seems to attract the world’s press more than his famous and slightly odd looking hair. A cartoonist’s dream, his sculpted bonce almost seems to have taken on a life of its own with endless speculation about how he achieves the style. Is it a wig? Is it a comb over? Has he had a transplant?

“The Donald” claims it’s all his own hair though and this is unofficially backed up by his own Doctor Harold Bornstein who recently revealed that the President has kept all his own hair and that the secret lies in a small dose of the drug finasteride, sold in the US as Propecia.

Small dose of urinary medication!

Originally developed as a medicine for male urinary problems it was discovered in the clinical trial stage that the drug actually stimulated hair growth. It’s now regularly used as an effective treatment for male pattern baldness, which affects half the world’s male population by the time they are 50.

Bornstein claims to take the drug too, to combat hair loss and just a quick glance at his photograph is enough to provide an excellent testimonial to the powers of finasteride. Bornstein’s shoulder length mane wouldn’t look out of place on a man 30 years his junior.

Finasteride is one of many treatments for male pattern baldness and if you’re interested in finding out more, then it might be worth talking to a dedicated hair loss clinic to find out what could be the most appropriate route for you.

Fake news?

In the mean-time the White House hasn’t commented on Borstein’s revelations so it could just mean that despite the evidence of the doctor’s own shaggy mane this is all simply fake news.


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