Redheads finally get to express themselves online

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redhead emoji

redhead emoji

Generally emojis are bald

Whilst the standard state for an emoji is naturally bald it’s also possible to choose blonde or brunettes.  This has been a bone of contention for  frustrated redheads in the UK for years, however, in 2018 that’s all set to change as Emojipedia has released a list containing 67 new ones that are currently in development, including a redhead variation.  While red hair may be fairly common in the UK, it’s actually pretty rare across the globe with just 2% of people having ginger hair, partially explaining the delay in delivering an appropriate emoticon. In comparison, Ireland and Scotland have a 10% and 13% concentration of ginger-haired population.

According to Emojipedia, the fact there isn’t currently a redhead emoji has been one of the largest complaints they’ve received. In Scotland, people even produced a petition to get a redhead emoji introduced!

Now, the announcement that one will finally be released next year has caused great excitement throughout Ireland and Scotland. However, it is worth noting that the emoji does still need to be approved. This is expected to be done at the fourth quarter subcommittee meeting!

Redheads take to social media to celebrate

The welcome news of the new redhead emoji has seen a boom in social media posts about the development. Many have described the fact they have to represent themselves via either brunette or blonde hair as unfair and in some cases, it’s even been described as discrimination.

This isn’t the only new emoji due to be released in 2018 that we can look forward to. Others include a llama, cupcake, a bear, skateboard and a curly haired emoji. This will ensure everyone can express themselves with a relevant emoji, just the way it should be!

Overall, emoji’s have become extremely popular, with businesses even using them to market themselves. The redhead emoji is by far one of the most anticipated and the ginger-haired population is ecstatic it’s finally happening.


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