Three experts offer advice to naturally prevent hair loss

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hair loss naturalPerhaps we should listen when three brands get together and offer some advice on natural ways to prevent hair loss.  That’s just what happened when Amit Sarda, managing director at brand Soulflower, Sonia Mathur, expert at brand Organic Harvest and Swati Kapoor, co-founder at brand SoulTree listed several ways to protect your hair in a recent blog in

Natural ways to prevent hair loss

  1. Oil hair at least once a week.  It seals the hair and protects it from environmental damage as well as preventing protein loss.  Coconut oil is particularly good but there are other options such as rosemary lavendar oil.
  2. Use conditioners with active ingredients like Beetroot extract to stregthen the hair.  Anything containing Pro vitamin B5 should be good.
  3. Don’t use chemical shampoos as these can strip the hair and cause more harm than good.  Look for natural ingredients like kunai grass root or tamarind seeds.
  4. Avoid using heat wherever possible on your hair.  Straighteners, dryers and even hot water can all damage the hair irrepairably.
  5. Watch your diet.  Your hair is a reflection of your general well being and if you’re not eating well it will affect the condition of your scalp and hair. Try to maintain a protein rich diet.

Speak to an expert in hair loss

Of course all these suggestions make sense but if you’re losing more than 100 hairs per day on a regular basis then they’re unlikely to solve the problem with these natural suggestions alone.  There’s no replacement for speaking to a specialist hair loss clinic or even your GP to discuss what might be a more serious condition.  There are clinically proven medications such as minoxidil and finasteride, along with other treatments such as Scalp Micropigmentation or even a transplant which can all help deal with more serious hair loss if it’s caught early enough.


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