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protein shake hair loss

protein shake hair lossIt’s never long before a new miracle cure for balding starts circulating the internet and this time it’s the turn of a protein shake.

The shake, known as “Help Hair”, has recently become available in the UK and it’s targeting men who are reluctant, or simply don’t have the money, to spend on treatments such as hair transplants. So, does this new protein shake really help to stop balding in its tracks or is it yet again another fad?

What does the shake claim to do?

According to media coverage of Help Hair, the shake has been created based on the science behind hair loss. Its primary objective is to extend the hairs growth phase. For those who may not know, the hair has three stages – anagen (growth), Catagen (resting) and Telogen (shedding).

While extending the length of the growth phase, the shake also causes the hair follicle to become less receptive to potentially harmful DHT. It’s created with mostly un-denatured and unprocessed ingredients which essentially means it promoted hair retention. It contains plenty of vitamins and minerals and is said to be sold at around £50.

So, it sounds promising but does it really work? Unfortunately, it’s unlikely the shake will solve the majority of hair loss cases. There’s many reasons why hair loss occurs, which means there is no one cure that will instantly solve the problem. Also, the shake needs to be permanently drunk in order to maintain any results it does give you. If you stop drinking it, your problems will simply start again.

Why it’s better to opt for proven treatment

Hair loss treatments have come a long way over the years. There’s already excellent, effective treatments out there and not all of them are overly expensive. Plus, when you take into account the new Help Hair protein shake is around £50 a time, you’ll soon realise it’s not actually much cheaper than a more permanent, proven solution such as a hair transplant.

Overall, it would be great if a protein shake could cure baldness, but sadly it’s not that simple. Before you seek any treatment for hair loss you should always get a diagnosis from a GP or hair specialist. There are many causes of hair loss and therefore numerus different types of treatments which can help combat the condition.   If you’re concerened at all that you may be losing your hair then why not give us a call at His Hair Clinic for a free consultation on 0121 516 1767


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