Can probiotics help to prevent hair loss?

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When probiotics are mentioned, most of us immediately think of those watered-down yoghurt drinks and a range of unconvincing adverts on TV. However during experiments with mice, the use of probiotics has shown that the strain Lactobacillus could (in theory) help in reducing the amount of hair lost and give the remaining hair a healthier look

Often thinning and loss of hair can be down to stress, anxiety and other everyday living symptoms. When the nutrients are not getting to the hair follicles the surrounding skin can become inflamed and sore. This is where probiotics are thought to help as they can help to prevent the inflammation and calm the skin down.

This method of hair loss reduction is by no means proven on human hair but if it helps the individual that in itself can cut down stress and improve general health. As always a good healthy balanced diet is the key to a healthy body and mind. The body is a complex system that needs it vitamins, minerals, nutrients and water in order to function. Illnesses, medications and the environment can interfere with this and because the hair and skin are on the outside this is where it is noticeable.

Probiotics and herbs are becoming popular alternatives to helping hair loss prevention, however not all natural products are good for you, and even fewer are guaranteed to work, therefore each individual needs to have their own diagnosis, consultation and medication prescribed or recommended to suit them.

Hair loss is a condition that is not a serious illness but it is one that can cause frustration, stress and embarrassment for those that are suffering from it. There has been much research into the reasons behind hair thinning and baldness and whilst a lot has been learnt there is still a considerable amount to be found out.

Alternative options

For those with hair thinning there are some self-help ways of improving the looks and condition of the hair. As already stated diet is important and can make a big difference to the condition of hair and skin. Exercise is good for stimulating the circulatory system which in turn will help with the blood flow to the outer cells of the body. Reducing the amount of stress is essential as stress is one of the major causes of hair loss.

Massaging the scalp with a good essential oil will not only stimulate it, it will also help to relax the body and mind. A good night’s sleep is necessary in order for the body to recuperate from the day’s events and prepare it for the next day. The body needs to be kept hydrated and water should be drunk throughout the day up to as much as 8 glasses.

A good hair cut will not only cover any thinning patches it will also cut the dead brittle ends of hair that can take some of the goodness away from the growing hair shafts. Probiotics which are found in fermented foods such as cheese, beer and yogurts are not only supposed to be good in reducing hair loss levels but they help with the body’s system which promotes health.

Before finding treatments over the counter it is essential that a consultation with an expert should be undertaken first as there may be underlying medical causes for the hair loss. When the body is not functioning properly it automatically sends the nutrients needed to the essential organs. Although the skin is the largest organ, the hair follicles are not important to the health of the body even though it can be argued that without hair it can cause stress which is detrimental to health.


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