Scalp shading techniques for hair loss

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There have been a few questions raised recently about scalp shading treatments being offered by one or two competitors. For those who aren’t familiar with the term, it is what we call the process of shading the skin to reduce the contrast between the hair, and the balding scalp. The client would typically keep their hair at full length, hence why the option is attractive to many people at first glance.

Unfortunately the issues have always been the same – our competitors have been proven to not replicate the follicles effectively enough, instead opting for what looks more or less like a painted effect to colour the scalp. This is fine in the short term, but causes a real issue in the long term when the hair continues to thin out and the scalp becomes more visible.

To make matters worse, we know for a fact that these companies use tattoo inks. These are not easily removed by laser, and are highly likely to discolour over the long term. The results of such treatments are shown below.

scalp shading

Please note the above treatments are NOT the work of HIS Hair Clinic.

What is the alternative to scalp shading?

At HIS we do not offer scalp shading, but we do offer the option to use SMP techniques to replicate follicles on the scalp using proper SMP pigments, with the intention of letting the hair grow through it. The difference is important, because it means that as the hair thins further, the style continues to look natural. Of course the client always has the option to just shave it off if he gets fed up with his thinning hair, resulting in a convincing shaved look like the rest of our clients.

A new video has just been published of AJ, demonstrating exactly how SMP can be applied in this way. His style is one option, although there are many others.


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