Can hair growth boosters help the fight against hair loss?

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There are plenty of products on the market that purport to help you to grow your hair, whilst leaving it shiny and healthy

However, some of these products contain synthetic oils that will not help with hair growth but will only make the hair look shiny. The hair will feel soft and smell nice but unfortunately the oils will clog the hair follicles with dirt and toxins. When the hair follicles are blocked they become damaged and start to shrink and so instead of hair growing it may well start to fall out.

There has been a lot of research into how the hair grows and how it falls out. For some people loss of hair is hereditary. Hereditary hair loss in men, male pattern baldness, starts with a receding hair line eventually loss of hair on the crown becomes a horseshoe shape and permanent. For women, there is normally no baldness but the hair will thin. This is not the only form of hair loss as there are other causes such as medication, illness, environmental factors, stress and anxiety to name a few. Knowing the cause of hair loss is important as there maybe underlying medical causes which need to be addressed.

The use of natural oils on the hair can help to boost hair growth. By massaging an essential oil into the scalp it will help to stimulate the hair follicles and boost the blood flow to the scalp. Natural oils can be absorbed by the body whereas synthetic oils cannot and that is the difference between healthy and unhealthy when looking at what products such as shampoos and conditioners.

Massaging oil into the scalp not only helps stimulate, it also helps to relax the body and mind. When the body is stressed the effect on the hair can be detrimental. Stress and anxiety is one of the biggest causes of hair loss and by taking steps to counteract this, the hair will stay healthy. Using essential oils in warm bath water and soaking at the end of the day will help to take away stress and encourage a good night’s sleep. When the body has had time to recuperate it boost the system and helps with good skin and hair.

Good hair grooming will go a long way to keeping a good healthy head of hair. Using a good shampoo and conditioner will give it the shine and volume but it needs more than that. Combing or brushing the hair is important but it should not be done when it is too wet as this stretches the hair shaft and causes it to become brittle. A good hair cut is recommended to cut the dead ends of the hair shaft leaving the hair stronger. Hair dyes should be used with care as the toxins and bleaches some of them contain can damage the hair follicles.

Some have found the use of natural amino acids, vitamins and minerals in a mixture can boost hair growth and prevent further hair loss. Used daily the hair follicles receive the nutrients they need to keep healthy. After first use it will take up to 4 months before results are seen and after a few months use it can, in some cases stop the hair loss. More and more people are looking at natural ways to restore hair growth and there are certainly more natural products on the market now than before.

What we eat can affect the hair growth as well as the condition of hair. A diet with proteins and minerals will help toward a faster hair growth as well as healthy skin and body. Milk and dairy products contain some of the goodness that a body needs. With health there is less stress which is a common cause of hair loss. Fruit and green vegetables hold the minerals and vitamins that will help to strengthen body and hair.

Keeping the body hydrated is important and water is the best way. By hydrating the body the skin becomes healthier looking, the mind more focused and the hair follicles produce healthier hair. In general a healthy balanced diet and exercise is good for the whole body not only for growth but for stress and anxiety.

There is no reason to believe that hair growth boosters will not do the job they advertise they will do, however boosting the growth of hair from active, healthy follicles is very different to growing hair from dormant follicles. To summarise, these products may help your hair to grow faster but they will not help the fight against losing your hair.

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