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beard transplantThe beard has made a huge comeback in recent years, with more men than ever before getting in on the trend. They became so popular a couple of years ago that experts warned about the “peak beard” theory.

Claiming the more beards a woman saw, the less attractive they found them, experts believed the beard would surely die a sudden death.

However, two years on, the trend is showing no signs of slowing down.

The Peak Beard theory

It was a group of researchers at the University of New South Wales, Australia, who came up with the peak beard theory. After carrying out a study of 1,453 bisexual and heterosexual women, it was found that the more beards they saw, the more the men without one stood out and therefore became more attractive.

So, logically women would start to find men without beards a lot more attractive as time went on. However, another study, conducted by Dr Barnaby Dixson, showed women actually find men with facial hair more attractive.

Dixon did agree that peak beard could kick in at some point, where they stopped being attractive, but as it stands, men who do follow the trend have nothing to fear anytime soon.

This is great news for men who can grow a beard, but what about those who can’t? The popularity of the beard has caused confidence issues and frustration for those who are unable to grow facial hair no matter what they do. The good news is there is a solution that could help you get a thick, well-groomed beard to be proud of.

Beard transplants quickly gaining popularity

Though expensive, beard transplants are extremely effective. You can even choose the type of beard you want, putting you in complete control of how it looks. Hair is taken from the scalp and transplanted into the chin so it does mean you will need a good head of hair if you want to benefit from this procedure.

Overall, beards are dominating the men’s fashion scene and it’s not looking like they’re going to go out of fashion anytime soon. So, if you struggle to grow one and you have the budget, a beard transplant could be exactly what you need.


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