SMP and hair transplants: not an either/or situation

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SMP and hair transplants together

SMP and hair transplants togetherThere are a lot of hair loss solutions out there, but SMP and hair transplants are inarguable two of the most effective and long-lasting treatments.

What many people don’t realise is that both treatments can be used together. So, if you’re looking for the most effective solution, you may want to consider having both procedures.

SMP often used to complement hair transplant results

Hair transplants can be extremely effective. You only have to look at stars such as Wayne Rooney who famously underwent a hair transplant to see just how effective they can be. However, there are a couple of issues patients often discover after having the procedure.

The first, is that the scars from the transplant are visible for all to see. The second, is the hair may appear very thin, so the scalp can show through despite having regained a full head of hair. In these instances, SMP can help.

Benefits of combined hair transplant/SMP treatment

SMP, or Scalp Micropigmentation, is a very effective way of covering the scalp. When used alone, it helps to create a well-shaved look. However, when used after a hair transplant, it can be very effective at hiding scars and making the hair look thicker.

Thousands of pigments are typically injected into the scalp, creating the appearance of real hair follicles. These help to darken the scalp, disguising any thinning areas. As there are hundreds of different pigments, you’re guaranteed 100% natural looking results.

One worry patients have after a hair transplant is what if they want to shave the head or have a haircut? The scar may not show through with a full head of hair, but a different cut might expose it. SMP can help eliminate this worry, giving you more confidence to change your look whenever you want.

Overall, patients do typically tend to consider having either SMP or a hair transplant, when the fact is both treatments combined could be the best solution.


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