Study shows exactly how much facial hair women want to see

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study shows how much facial hair women find attractive

study shows how much facial hair women find attractiveThe level of attraction to male facial hair is always going to be a relatively subjective topic with diverse responses, dependent on age, current fashions and cultural norms. A recent study in the Journal of Evolutionary Biology concluded that the beard is generally a good thing if you’re trying to attract a mate.

8000 women shown pictures of men with beards

A whopping 8,000 women were shown pictures of men with different levels of facial hair and the overwhelming conclusion was that they regarded men with a full beard as the best bet for a long term relationship, possibly due to the signals of social standing, and the ability to provide direct benefit to females.

Interestingly, the study found that women preferred men with stubble for a short term relationship.

So what do you do if the best you can muster is a patchy fluffy mess or worsen, no facial growth at all? After all, up to 50% of men can’t grow a beard of any substance. Obviously one option is to maintain that clean cut, well shaven look which many women still find attractive.

Alternatively, you could opt for a procedure that is growing in popularity with baby-faced men, the beard transplant.

What is a beard transplant?

It works in much the same way as a normal hair transplant, with hair migrated from elsewhere on the head (or even other parts of the body) to desired place on the face. It’s possible to design a style from handlebar moustache to big and bushy full beard.

The procedure is carried out by a qualified surgeon on an out-patient basis with highly successful results. Within a couple of months the recipient can be expecting to shave as normal. The only downside it the cost at up to £4000 per procedure, although this might be a small price to pay if it helps you attract the perfect partner.


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