“Human Ken Doll” undergoes hair transplant

Hair Transplant Surgery
human Ken doll has hair transplant

human Ken doll has hair transplantLondoner Rodrigo Alves rose to fame as the “Human Ken Doll”. However, he’s recently hit the headlines for another cosmetic reason – a botched nose job.

After undergoing the disastrous nose job, the Brazilian born star had been left with a noticeable receding hairline. Understandably self-conscious about the issue, Alves has now undergone a hair transplant to regain his thick, Ken-doll-like hair.

Eight hours and £11,000 spent on hair transplant

While hair transplants have significantly gained in popularity over the past few years, they are unarguably expensive. Money however doesn’t appear to be an issue for the human ken doll after he spent $15,000, equivalent to £11,000 on his recent transplant.

The procedure took eight hours in total to complete, but he’s happier than ever with the results. After undergoing the hair transplant, it took the total number of procedures the star has undergone to a massive 45.

Alves claims the hair loss was brought on by the stress of his botched nose job. He went on to lose 30% of his hair. The transplant was carried out using stem cells, a relatively new procedure, by Beverly Hills surgeon Dr. John Kahen.

More procedures already planned

After recently announcing that he planned to give up plastic surgery, Alves is already planning his next procedure. It appears his recent hair transplant has revived his love of treatments, this time focusing on skin resurfacing procedures to eliminate the appearance of his facial scars.

While he still vows to give up surgery, he has admitted he will continue with non-invasive treatments.

Alves may be the latest “celebrity” to undergo a hair transplant, but he certainly won’t be the last. This is especially true now that newer techniques are being developed and used, such as stem cell treatment.

However, for us mere mortals who can’t afford to take such a drastic step, don’t worry there are alternatives. SMP for example, is a very effective treatment that is both permanent and minimally invasive.


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