So you’ve opted for that beard transplant, here’s how to keep it in trim

Hair Transplant Surgery
how to keep your beard transplant in trim

how to keep your beard transplant in trimA beard transplant is a simple hair loss solution which is allowing men to restore, thicken or fill out uneven areas of facial hair on their cheeks, sideburns, moustache and beard. Facial hair always has and will be attractive and in fashion, which is why so many men are willing to spend on the procedure. In fact, a survey by Braun found that 53% of men admit to feeling more self-confident and attractive to women when they had some form of facial hair.

The procedure itself is simple and requires the surgeon to graft hairs, usually from the back or sides of the scalp which will then be transplanted wherever the facial hair is required. This process is known as Follicular Unit Extraction. Hair will begin to grow as usual and within two weeks, patients are free to shave, trim or grow out their beards as they wish.

Grooming tips for your beard

Always keep in mind that everyone has a personal style, look and preference. However you should focus on the shape of your face, facial features, style statement and consider how your beard style will look with your hairstyle. Ideally, you want your beard and hairstyle to complement each other to accentuate your look.

Unsurprisingly, first impressions really do count – people will distinguish you from how you present yourself and communicate. Know your style so that you can decide which image you want to build for yourself and choose a beard style accordingly.

Beard transplant benefits

One major advantage of having a beard transplant as opposed to a naturally hairy beard is that you can choose to have the hairs implanted into specific location – meaning you won’t have to shave any stray hairs to keep it looking neat. You may need to use products on your beard depending on your hair texture and the style you choose, ask around and read reviews on beard oils, waxes and electrical trimmers before you decide to make any investments.


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