Not having much Tinder luck? It might be time to sort out your facial hair

Hair Transplant Surgery

sexybeardThere are so many things to consider in the world of online dating. The personal profile is a major challenge and then of course, finding that photo that perfectly encapsulates you. A recent report by Kiwi hair salon Philip James has thrown another spanner into the works, at least for men. It would appear that facial hair is preferred to the clean shaven look. Not all men can achieve that look due to sparse or patchy facial hair growth.

Beard Transplant

Fortunately, there is a solution at hand for men who have a lack of density to their facial hair, in the form of a beard transplant. This option is growing in popularity with over 4,500 men undergoing the procedure in the UK alone last year.

Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) works in much the same way as a normal hair transplant with follicles being migrated from other areas of the head to the face. The procedure is minimally invasive and typically takes between 3 to 9 hours, with the patient typically having follicles extracted from a “stable zone” at the back of the head. If this is not possible follicles can be sourced from other areas such as the side of the head or even chest and body hair.

A skilled practitioner will implant extracted hair under local anaesthetic, one follicle at a time, ensuring that the angle of each hair helps create a dense realistic looking beard in the chosen style of the patient.

If you want to get ahead get a beard

The reality is that many cultures regard facial hair as a sign of prestige and masculinity and that the baby faced look relegates its owner down the dating pecking order. A short, well groomed beard seems to be the ideal approach to facial hair based on the report.

According to the Philip James report, bushy beards and ponytails are least the attractive look so if you want to be a hit on the dating sites go for the 5 o’clock shadow and a crew cut.


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