New year, new beard

Hair Transplant Surgery
New year, new beard?

New year, new beard?The beard trend shows no signs of abating so if you’re sick of your baby soft cheeks and are determined to do something about it? Why not make 2017 the year you have a beard transplant?

Until relatively recently the beard transplant was a rare procedure, usually carried out to help cover scarring, blemishes or people undergoing female to male transgender treatment but it’s become far more common as a general aesthetic treatment. An American plastic surgeon, Jeffrey Epstein told the New York Times that 10 years ago he might do up to four or five beard transplants a year but was now doing nearly the same amount every week!

Does a beard make you more masculine?

Why the remarkable increase? Certainly, the beard is still fashionable. Many men feel more masculine whilst wearing a beard and a survey by Braun in 2016 found that men feel up to 53% more attractive with a beard. The beard also tends to lend a certain gravitas that is harder to achieve with a shiny baby face. It could also be that men are becoming increasingly open to the idea of cosmetic procedures, of course.

Does the procedure work?

The treatment works along the same lines as the much more well established hair transplant with hair being migrated from the back and/or sides of the head to the face. It has a high success rate and the recipient of the treatment can realistically be expecting to shave within a couple of weeks.

The only downside of the treatment is the cost. It’s certainly not cheap and you should expect to spend at least £5000. There are tales though of people spending three times this to get the look they want. So, if you’re serious about getting the treatment in 2017 you can expect to come away with a luxurious beard but a much lighter wallet.


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