Homes Under the Hammer star says a hair transplant changed his life

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Homes Under the Hammer star says a hair transplant changed his life

Homes Under the Hammer star says a hair transplant changed his lifeThe Homes Under The Hammer presenter Martin Roberts has admitted that his hair transplant improved his life and helped him feel like a new man.

53-year-old Roberts, who recently appeared on I’m A Celebrity, spent £6,000 to cover up the bald spot on the crown of his head.

There are lots of treatments and cover ups available for men and women who are losing their hair, and male pattern baldness is one of the leading reasons people choose transplants. This is because hair and confidence often go hand in hand. When somebody loses their hair – either through shedding, thinning or baldness – it can seriously dent their self-esteem. Hair and beauty are important to modern society and we tend to associate a full head of healthy hair as a sign of being young and attractive.

“Bald spot looked like a halo”

For the TV celeb, he said his hair loss made him feel less confident and he worried about it a lot. He said the bald spot, which looked like a halo, was getting him down. Due to the fact that he comes from a family with a strong genetic hair loss history, he decided to do something about it and booked in for the same procedure made popular by footballer Wayne Rooney – follicular unit extraction (FUE).

There are two types of popular hair transplant. The FUE or the Follicular Unit Transplantation or FUT (an older method). In the FUE method that Roberts opted for tiny exision holes are made during the transplantation of hair and the work is highly methodical. Clients can have a choice in their new look and the healing process and recovery is good.

Basically over 4,000 individual hair strands were removed from the back of Roberts’ scalp and used to cover up the crown’s bald spot instead. It is a way of moving your own hair from one part to another to cover baldness and has been used for many years.

Hair transplant stars

Roberts is one of a long list of TV stars who have chosen the transplant route including Gogglebox’ Chris Steed, John Thompson, James Nesbitt and TV doctor Christian Jessen. Many people in the public eye feel the pressure when it comes to ageing and things such as hair loss or balding and it seems Roberts was no exception.


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