Considering a Beard Transplant?

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Considering a beard transplant?

Considering a beard transplant?A beard transplant is a procedure which can restore or create facial hair where hair growth is thinning, uneven or even missing. A transplant can help men build or fill in facial hair on their cheeks, moustache area and even create sideburns. The beard is completely customisable and clients are encouraged to bring in photos of their ideal beard shape so that the hair restoration surgeon can create the exact result the client desires.

How does a beard transplant work?

When considering a beard transplant, it is important to know that although the procedure may be pricey the results are permanent. Although, transplanted hair will initially fall out after a fortnight, it will grow back within three months and resume a normal and healthy hair growth pattern.

The hair follicles are grafted from a donor site, usually from the back of the scalp as these hairs are thick and closely resemble the thickness of facial hair which offers a natural looking beard. The surgeon may have to individually graft each hair, meaning the procedure can be between two to five hours, but the finished result will look sleek and no one will be able to tell a beard transplant has been carried out.

Which beard style to choose

Recently full thick beards are in fashion and are one of the most common beard styles most men are spotted sporting. Unfortunately though, what works for one person doesn’t necessarily work for another. Just as with different hairstyles, individual face shapes suit different beard styles.

When considering a beard transplant, you have the freedom to choose exactly where the follicles will be implanted so that you can dictate the style of your beard and create a beard style to complement the shape of your face.

Complement your face shape

The hair grooming company Braun has carried out research and come up with these beard styles to help men choose complementary styles for their face shapes.

Rectangular and diamond shaped faces can pull off the most versatile styles, ranging from full beards to extended goatees. Round and square faces generally look best with minimal beards under the chin with no moustaches. Inverted triangle shaped faces suit beards with heavy cheek and sideburns, whereas triangle shaped faces suit moustaches and facial hair on the chin.


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