James Nesbitt claims his hair transplant helped his career

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James Nesbitt: hair transplant helped my career

James Nesbitt: hair transplant helped my careerJames Nesbitt, leading man of the small screen who has starred in TV shows such as ‘The Secret’, ‘The Missing’ and ‘Monroe’ credits his stardom to his hair transplant. He admits he began to go bald in his twenties, which led to a decline in the number and quality of roles he was being offered which pushed him towards getting a hair transplant.

Celebrities “under pressure” to look young

The 52 year old, who received an OBE from the Queen in 2016, says he feels that men and women alike are under pressure in the entertainment industry to stay looking youthful. Although he did reference the fact that there is a sense that age adds character, the transplant has left him feeling more confident and with more success and opportunities in his career.

Although Nesbitt may be one of the first actors to admit that his hair transplant has helped his career, he is not the first celebrity to go public about undergoing the procedure. Athletes such as Shane Warne, Graham Gooch, Darren Gough and Wayne Rooney have also had hair transplants; the latter even announced his news on Twitter and mentioned he had started to lose his hair at the young age of 25.

Nesbitt underwent multiple procedures in Dublin, Ireland to reach his current youthful and healthy look as the hair transplant was carried out in multiple stages. The end result looks flawless, natural and compliments Nesbitt’s features adding grace and charm to his face – undoubtedly one of the reasons behind his ever-flourishing career and growing opportunities.

How many sessions are required for a hair transplant?

There are two main factors which determine the number of sessions required, the first is the number of grafts required and second the hair transplanting technique being used. Most experienced surgeons can transplant up to 3000 grafts per session, but if hair loss is extreme then more sessions may be required. Multiple sessions can be carried out on consecutive days. There are different hair transplant techniques available too:

Follicular Unit Extraction; this involves manual extraction of hair follicles one by one and is a time consuming procedure

Follicular Unit Transplant; a faster technique which allows for up to 3000 grafts to be implanted in one session

Stem Cell; this is the fastest hair transplant method currently available – up to 4000 grafts can be implanted within one session


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