The Concealed Flaws of Caboki Concealer

Hair Loss Concealers

DermMatch, Nanogen and Toppik are some of the well-known brands when it comes to hair loss concealers. They have already developed a huge degree of brand loyalty. Caboki is the newest player in the market. It is sold online and promises to be a quick remedy to hair loss through its marketing videos. It is very saleable because a lot of people believe in what is being advertised. Caboki however cannot conceal its own defects, as we will discuss.

Is Caboki really unlike any other brand in the market?

Business owners would like to tell you that theirs is the top product out there, and they employ different methods to do so. This manufacturer in particular has gone to great lengths to tie up with different websites to form a global sales network. Their marketing propaganda focuses on keratin fibers that they assert are better than their competitors. When comparing Caboki with Nanogen and Toppik however, we find that there are more similarities than differences. They are all banking on the same keratin fibers to sell their products.


Should you use concealers?

The thing about concealers is that it is a very temporary solution to a persistent problem, and they do nothing to address the underlying issue of low confidence. It is also a product borne out of people’s anxiousness with their hair loss. Concealers may easily be washed away or removed by physical contact. Users will always be kept ill at ease for fear that their hair situation will be found out. This is the inherent flaw of concealers. It is the same with all brands.

Your next step

Considering the use of Caboki or any other concealer means your hair loss is clearly bothering you to some extent. We know what you are going through and can guide you during the scalp micropigmentation process. You do not need to spend any more money and time unnecessarily on things that will not work in the long run. We can help. Contact us now and we will arrange a mutually convenient consultation during which we will provide all the information you need to start you on your journey towards a new you.


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