What’s the score with LeBron James’ hair transplant?

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A recent public appearance has ramped up the discussion about LeBron James’ hair loss.

At a recent appearance at the Nike Headquarters to unveil his new shoe, LeBron Showed up looking like a new man. Early this year, he resigned with the Cleveland Cavaliers, sparking the prodigal-son-has-returned sports narrative. While 2014 brings a new(ish) team and new(ish) number to the NBA landscape, one thing looking extra new is LeBron’s hairline.

(Feel free to insert your very own ‘King finding his crown’ joke here…I just can’t do it – too easy).

Jokes aside, LeBron’s hair loss is well documented. Washington Post reporter Cindy Boren couldn’t have said it better: “James’ hairline has long been a source of amusement, a ball of yarn for the Internet to bat about.”

LeBron James - did he have a hair transplant?

We’ve covered the speculation about LeBron’s possible hair transplant due the suspect scar on the back of his scalp. If he in fact did undergo a hair transplant, the results were less than stellar. And perhaps that should serve as a lesson to all those considering such a procedure — that even a man with the wealth and influence as LeBron James — even he can’t get guaranteed results from a hair transplant.

But this most recent appearance shows LeBron going a very different route in his battle against hair loss. While some are speculating that he’s had hair plugs to fill in and strengthen the hairline.

LeBron James

But we believe he’s stolen a page out of Carlos Boozer’s playbook: concealer spray or powder.

Look closely. You’ll notice that the receded peaks are still lacking actual hair, but appear darker. If you look at the “before” photos you’ll see a very sparse hairline, but at the Nike unveiling of his new kicks, LeBron appears to have a very full hairline. It may just be the lighting, but the front part of his crown and hairline appear darker from the back of his crown and sides, suggesting that he overloaded on the concealer in the problem areas and less so on the back end of the scalp where there is no issue.

LeBron James

This maybe a one-off thing. Perhaps a last minute touch up by the make-up artist before he went out in front of the cameras for the unveiling and presentation. Or maybe, this is how LeBron is going to deal with his hair loss for now. Whatever the case may be, one things for sure: this is a temporary solution to a long term problem.

LeBron, when you’re ready, HIS is here for you.

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