Are hair thickening products a worthwhile investment?

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nanogen hair thickening fibres before and after

Regardless of your gender, thinning hair is an issue that affects a lot of people at some point in their lives. Companies have long been creating products that treat or hide hair loss and thinning, but they can’t all claim to have the same level of success.

Hair thickening (or hair building fibres) products are now becoming better known as an alternative approach to hiding thinning hair. But for those of you who aren’t familiar with them, here is our guide of exactly what they do and if they can benefit you.

What are hair thickening products?

These products are seen as a completely different approach to hair loss, rather than treating the condition they instead provide an immediate solution to building thicker hair.

How these products work is by using electrostatically charged fibres that are sprinkled over the thinning areas of your hair. They thing naturally cling to your hair and create the illusion of thicker hair. A light application of hair spray then ensures they stay in place and then the product will not brush out or be blown out by the wind. You then remove the fibres by shampooing your hair and can reapply whenever you want to use them.

On average there is enough in one bottle to last you a month and fibres come in a variety of colours and can be custom blended to suit your hair colour.

Are hair thickening products a worthwhile investment?

nanogen hair thickening fibres before and after
Before and after showing results of Nanogen hair thickening fibres, the market leader

There are plenty of hair-thickening products to choose from on the market and as with any product range, some are better than others. Nanogen hair thickening fibres are the market leaders. Hair thickening products may well be worthwhile for you if you are looking for an immediate fix to thinning hair and you are aware the product only provides a cosmetic fix.

Having said that, hair loss is a condition that can have a strong impact on confidence and in a market where treatments and products can be very costly, hair thickening products can be an ideal solution to hiding a thinning area and doing so with a natural look.

Whilst these fibres are a cheaper alternative to more invasive hair loss solutions, it is worth considering that there are varying quality products available and some of the products will work better than others. If you are interested in using hair thickening products then it is advisable that you use those with natural ingredients and from reliable companies.

Hair thickening fibres cannot restore hair that has been lost, but is an effective way of camouflaging hair loss. Another option, for those that want a permanent solution, is scalp micropigmentation where pigments are inserted into the scalp to recreate the appearance of the hair follicles.


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