TV Star Carpeted For Hair Transplant Tweet


David Platt, star of ITV’s flagship soap opera Coronation Street, has received a dressing down for tweeting about his hair transplant. We look closer.


Coronation Street

This hugely popular show has become an institution. When it was first aired, in 1960, the show, set in Weatherfield, took its audience by storm. Within a few months, it had become the most-watched show on TV. Weatherfield itself was based on the inner city area of Manchester know as Salford and the audience were in thrall to the gritty goings-on. It has been responsible for the airing of many challenging topics down the years. Now it has become the first to have a TV star carpeted for hair transplant tweet.

Today, ITV screens 6 episodes a week. Recent changes to the schedule saw a couple of episodes cancelled in favour of screening live England football matches. The reaction of the loyal “Corrie” fans was predictable outrage. Despite closing in on 10,000 episodes, it seems they cannot get enough.

Jack P Shepherd

Jack has played the character of David Platt since April 2000, when he was just 12. In 2008 he picked up the British Soap Award for best villain. He then scooped the top prize from the same organisation in 2018, when he picked up the Best Actor award.

But Jack, now 31, had a problem. His highly visible profile made him incredibly sensitive about his hair loss. He began to lose hair, visibly, from his temples along with some thinning behind the hairline. The depth of his problem was highlighted in a recent tweet that landed him in trouble with his bosses at ITV.

Hair Transplant Tweet

Nearly a year after Jack made the choice to go for a hair transplant he messaged his fans about the experience. He posted before and after pictures, which he said were the first time he had made that comparison for himself. He recognised the massive improvement to his appearance the reported 3000 grafts had achieved.

The mistake he made was mentioning the clinic where he was treated. This overstepped the rules on advertising as per his contract with Coronation Street. It resulted in a severe dressing down and he was required to pay a fine, believed to be around £2000. He was also left in no doubt about the results of any future transgression.

HIS Hair Clinic

Its a shame he got into trouble for his tweet. There are so many scare stories around hair transplantation. Jack’s positive experience is plain to see. As was the depth of his suffering before the treatment. He has said that he considered giving up acting and withdrawing from the public eye. You can see more of Jack by visiting his twitter account here.

Jack’s story speaks to the trauma that many young men and women go through when suffering from hair loss. Dismissed by so many as a cosmetic issue, hair loss can be a devastating condition with many real-life negative impacts. We hope it is the last time we see a tv star carpeted for a hair loss tweet.

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