Scalp Micropigmentation Awarded Approval


It is less than 15 years since HIS Hair Clinic opened the doors of the world’s first scalp micropigmentation clinic. Since then the treatment has exploded across the world and quietly established its credentials as a treatment for hair loss. It is also used to camouflage a range of conditions including scars. So, with Scalp Micropigmentation awarded approval from one of the world’s largest medical advice sites, we take a look at its journey here.


Scalp Micropigmentation

With Scalp Micropigmenation awarded approval from the medical world, we take a look back at the journey.

Ian and Ranbir opened the doors on the world’s first Scalp Micropigmentation (SMP) clinic in Birmingham, England. The year was 2005 and it was the culmination of years of research into equipment, pigments, and techniques. Early adopters became walking advertisements for their work and the clinic quickly gained a reputation for high-quality outcomes. Training new practitioners to their own exemplary standards they were able to open new clinics elsewhere in the country. A popular forum was established which gave clients and those interested in the treatment an opportunity to share experiences and ask questions.

The ability of SMP to deliver that most alluring of outcomes, an age-appropriate hairline, made it stand out. It is simple and fuss-free with low maintenance. Compared to any sort of hair system it brings the freedom to live your life as you please. 

For the first few years, they had the market they created to themselves. Inevitably, some of those trained practitioners would set up on their own. Taking with them the techniques they had learned under Ian and Ranbir’s tutelage but without access to the equipment and those crucial pigments. It led to an increase in the volume of marketing around the treatment and another rise in the number of new SMP wearers. But this young market, that had grown organically until now, was about to undergo a significant change.

Exponential Growth For Scalp Micropigmentation

The early part of this decade was marked by an explosion of copycats. Suddenly there were dozens of new clinics offering the treatment. The vast majority were self-taught and inspired by the opportunity to make a fast buck. Some operated from hotel rooms without any medical standards. Clinics began to pop up around the world, particularly in the USA.

The unfortunate side-effect of this fast growth was a huge spectrum in the quality of work being delivered. Pictures of poor treatments began to surface on the web and undermined the steady work HIS had been delivering. Some clinics, lacking a deep understanding of the techniques involved, would deliver unconvincing, to say the least, outcomes. Some, using the wrong sort of pigments, were even seeing their client’s heads turn blue.

Awarded Approval

NetDoctor was set up 20 years ago to provide medical advice. It uses a network of medical professionals and journalists to deliver unbiased advice on just about any medical condition you can think of. The free service has firmly established itself as Europe’s largest site of its kind.

Last week, for the first time, NetDoctor updated its site with a detailed review of SMP. It does the usual NetDoctor job of answering just about every question you might have on the matter. Covering exactly what to expect during treatment, cost, aftercare, and what to expect in the mid to long term following treatment. You can read their article in full by clicking here.

HIS Hair Clinic

NetDoctor is the latest and by far the largest, medical advice site to add SMP to its list of mainstream hair loss treatments. It is a seal of approval that is well deserved and one that has been achieved despite serious challenges. Not least that as a largely unregulated industry, it has had to continually deal with that plethora of sub-standard clinics.

The NetDoctor article closes with some important points about due diligence. That lack of regulation means the onus is still on the client to perform their own investigations before selecting a clinic. More clinics does not necessarily guarantee improved choice. Would-be clients often still face a difficult choice between visiting a local clinic of dubious quality or committing to the expense of travel to visit a clinic further away. Of course, the stress of all that can be easily removed simply by opting for a HIS Hair clinic. After all, it is where the treatment was invented and continues to evolve. Ian and Ranbir are proud that the treatment they bought to the world has won this level of respect from the medical world. Scalp Micropigmentation awarded approval by NetDoctor is another milestone.

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