New Safe Hair Loss Treatment


We live in a world where the FDA approved hair loss treatments both come with potential side-effects. A new safe hair loss treatment is always welcome. This one is the brainchild of a serial inventor and highly respected technologist, Xudang Wang. We look closer.


Hair Loss Treatments

There are have never been so many hair loss treatments available. A wave of new technology and science has seen some serious advances. Our ever-improving understanding of the complex biological processes involved in hair loss has yielded results. Many of these are slowly working their way through the trials process. But the need for a new safe hair loss treatment is real. Particularly a new safe hair loss treatment that is effective and that the sufferer can use in their own time.

Today, a qualified trichologist can identify your issue and recommend a suite of solutions. Each of them with your personal profile taken into account and chosen to have maximum benefit. Some, like PRP, use the patient’s own blood supply to enrich nutrient supply to the follicles. Infrared light and electrical stimulation can also help. Then there is the explosion of research teams working on inhibitors aimed at stopping the hair loss in the first place. Some even hope to restore lost hair.

But we remain stuck, as we have been for decades, with just the two FDA approved treatments. One of which is not even available for women.

Professor Xudang Wong

Professor Wong is a remarkable scientist with some impressive inventions already on his CV. His expertise lies in the field of energy harvesting. That is, he designs products that use power but do not require any supply. He has already developed electric bandages that improve healing times. You can read more about those remarkable bandages here. Maybe more impressively, if only for the radical nature of his approach, he invented a weight loss implant. It uses low voltage electricity, which tricks the stomach into feeling full.

New Safe Hair Loss Hat

It should be no surprise that when Wong wanted to electrify a hat, he chose a baseball cap. He is, after all, based in the USA.

Wong’s hat uses something called a triboelectric generator. A device that harvests energy from movement. This energy is then used to generate gentle pulses of electricity to stimulate hair follicles.

In testing on rats, the system produced higher follicle density and longer hair shaft length. In further testing, on genetically nude mice, it increased the production of key growth factors. This resulted in an increase in the number of hair follicles and assisted with hair regeneration.

HIS Hair Clinic

Professor Wong’s hat will join a suite of DIY hair loss tools already on the market. Laser combs are another example. The appeal of being able to do something about your hair loss simply by wearing a hat is obvious.

We will, of course, watch progress closely as testing will move on to human subjects. That testing will first need to prove safety. This seems a low hurdle given the very gentle nature of the electric pulses. But it will be the evidence of efficacy that we will be particularly keen to study. If proven, it will be a welcome addition to the tools available. One that holds the promise of being able to be used in conjunction with medical approaches.

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