Can PRP Help With Hair Loss


Platelet-rich plasma therapy (PRP) has a rich and convincing medical history. It has become a therapy used in a range of treatments. So we ask, can PRP help with hair loss?


PRP Therapy – A History

There is a reason we ask can PRP help with hair loss? Since the 1980’s the technique has indicated its value in a range of treatments.
The technique starts by drawing a small amount of the patient’s blood. This is then spun in a centrifuge to separate it into its component parts, and isolating the platelets. These platelets are then added, in high concentration, back into the patient’s blood before being injected directly into the treatment area.
It has been used to help with osteoarthritis and recovery from surgery. In the commercial sector, the technique gained some notoriety when it became known as ‘the vampire facelift.’ In this version, the PRP is injected back into the patient’s face. Where it is intended to bring a youthful flush.

PRP and Hair Loss

So, can PRP help with hair loss?  Low-level lasers work by improving blood supply to the region where they can accelerate the processes involved in hair growth. They have become popular due to their ease of use and safety. Though results vary greatly between users. PRP works in the same way, but by directly injecting enriched blood to the region there is more certainty about the outcome.
PRP can have some almost instant impact with the existing hair appreciating the boost in nutrients. The longer-term benefits come in the form of hair that is thicker and in better condition.

HIS Hair Clinic

PRP has become an important tool in the battle against hair loss. It has done that in a relatively short timeframe because it was based on tried and trusted techniques. Due mainly to a great variation in the types of PRP on offer there has been little supportive research to date. This is not just true for hair loss though, even in areas where PRP has been used for decades there is the same lack of evidence.
As a treatment, it would benefit from some serious research to establish best practice. This would enable clinicians to make decisions about dosage and frequency based on reliable data.  But such is its popularity there can be little doubt it is here to stay
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