Non Surgical Hair Replacement Options


If you are losing your hair, it is probable that you have evaluated the many options available to help you deal with the problem, including both surgical and non surgical hair replacement options. The range of choices available can leave many hair loss sufferers even more confused than before they started.

During your search, you will have inevitably come across a huge range of hair transplant clinics, each fundamentally offering the same service, although the expertise offered from one clinic to another can vary enormously. If the idea of hair transplant surgery sparked some interest, you may have researched further, and learnt a little about the various techniques used to transplant hair from a donor site to the scalp.

Most recipients of a hair transplant procedure will experience scarring to varying extents. Whilst techniques have undoubtedly become more sophisticated in recent years, a significant hair transplant scar is still a possibility. It is important to note however, that despite the potential for scarring, this option is favoured by many thousands of people annually, and in many cases, surgery may be the most appropriate choice.

non surgical hair replacement

There are however, non surgical hair replacement options available that may be more suitable if you are concerned about scars. In brief, these options include the following:

The Micro Hair Technique is described below. For information regarding other products, please follow the various links above to dedicated information pages on our website.

The Micro Hair Technique

MHT® was born from the combination of several existing techniques, tailored and perfected to create the worlds most innovative hair loss solution. Suiting the needs of thousands of hair loss sufferers worldwide, MHT® is quite literally changing lives.

non surgical hair replacement

The treatment involves the sophisticated application of scalp pigmentation techniques, to replicate individual hair follicles. The end result is the perfect representation of natural hair. You believe you have hair, and so does everyone else. The results achievable are truly remarkable.

For more information please see our Gallery, our YouTube video library, and feel free to speak with our existing clients and hair loss sufferers in our hair loss forum. If you would like to ask any questions directly, please contact us.


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