Hair Replacement Options


The term “hair replacement” is used to describe a range of hair loss solutions from hair systems to hair transplant surgery, temporary concealers and also pills such as Propecia and Procerin.

There are many hair replacement solutions available, however each has its own advantages and disadvantages. As with all hair loss products, it is up to the individual to decide for themselves which is the best solution to suit their own particular circumstances.

Here, we look at the most common options for hair replacement:

Hair Systems

A hair system, often called a toupee, wig or hair unit, is an arrangement of hair, made from a variety of materials, that is placed on the head to cover balding areas.

hair replacement

Many of our clients have tried hair systems. Whilst it is true that a hair system provides an immediate cover-up for hair loss, the level of satisfaction experienced by users can vary dramatically. Some clients find that a toupee or wig is perfectly satisfactory, however others report issues such as poor hygiene or unacceptable lifestyle compromises that make the option less attractive in the long term.

Hair Transplant Surgery

Techniques used during hair transplant surgery have improved considerably in recent years, and can provide a solution for many clients.

hair replacement

We do however, urge all clients considering a hair transplant to be aware of the pros and cons beforehand, as surgery cannot be reversed and can cause scarring. See our hair transplant scar page for more information.

Temporary Concealers

Including products such as Nanogen Nanofibres, Toppik and DermMatch, temporary concealers are solutions which cling to existing hair, making it appear thicker and fuller.

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Unfortunately, whilst temporary concealers may provide some relief for hair loss sufferers, without any remaining hair they cannot be used, as they all rely on existing hair to create the illusion. Secondly, the use of concealers demands a significant amount of time every morning to use. Finally, despite improvements in recent years, cheaper concealers can still be rained off, brushed off or dislodged if the hair is touched, which may result in a rather embarrasing situation for the user.

What about MHT®?

Of all the hair replacement solutions available, the MHT® Micro Hair Technique is gaining popularity at a rapid pace. Whilst we understand that MHT® may not be the right solution for everybody, it would be fair to say that it provides a highly effective, permanent solution without many of the drawbacks of other treatments. See our hair loss treatments page for a comparison.

hair replacement

Ultimately, it is for each individual to decide which route is best for their particular circumstances. For impartial advice, please feel free to contact us. You are under no obligation whatsoever, however if you’d rather speak with other hair loss sufferers about their experiences first, please visit our hair loss forum.


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