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A search on the internet for hair loss remedies, will result in tens of thousands of options, each claiming to prevent hair loss, or even reverse it. For the person who is looking for a hair loss remedy for the first time, or even for those who have a little prior experience, the choice available can be nothing short of bewildering.

The truth is, that there are a number of hair loss remedies on the market that really are effective. Equally, there are also other products that usually fail to live up to their claims.

We have compiled a shortlist of the most popular hair loss products below:

Hair Loss Shampoo

revivogen hair loss shampooThere are several hair loss shampoos available that claim to slow down, or even stop hair loss. The most popular amongst these are Revivogen and Nanogen Nanoguard.

Revivogen is a shampoo made from natural ingredients, that is marketed for the prevention of hair loss. Very little is known about Revivogen shampoo and conditioner. Several HIS clients have tried Revivogen with mixed results, however the general consensus is that the product may offer mild benefits as a hair loss remedy, but does not prevent hair loss entirely.

Nanogen Nanoguard is part of a vast range of branded hair loss products, marketed by Nanogen, a laboratory based in the UK. The manufacturer claims that the product can reduce hair loss, and recommends that it be used in conjunction with another product called Nanogen Nanogaine. The information we have gained via our clients is limited, therefore it is up to the individual to decide whether they would like to trial Nanogaine, as well as other hair loss remedies offered by Nanogen, for themselves.

Hair Loss Pills

Pills to combat thinning hair are amongst the most popular hair loss products available. By far, the most common is Propecia, a tablet based on the active ingredient Finasteride. Another common product is Procerin, a pill that even claims to enable lost hair to regrow.

PROPECIAPropecia is a DHT blocker. DHT, or Dihydrotestosterone, is a hormone that is created naturally by the human body, and is widely blamed as a common cause of hair loss in men. Propecia claims to prevent the hormone from affecting hair follicles in the scalp, consequently preventing or slowing hair loss. Although there is some evidence to suggest that the product may offer benefits to some people, for many it does not. Propecia can cause side effects in some patients, including erectile dysfunction and a reduction in semen production.

Procerin claims to slow the chemical reaction caused by DHT, therefore providing benefits to hair loss suffers that are similar to those offered by Propecia.

Topical Lotions

Put simply, these products are applied to the scalp on a daily, or twice-daily basis, and claim to reduce or prevent hair loss. The most common products available include Rogaine and Nanogen Nanogaine.


Rogaine contains the active ingredient Minoxidil, and is available as either a foam or lotion. Rogaine is applied directly to the scalp. Exactly how Rogaine works is not entirely understood. It claims to dilate blood vessels in the scalp, possibly improving hair follicle function and in turn, stimulating the growth of hair. Reviews of the Rogaine hair loss product are mixed.

Nanogaine is a topical solution that is applied daily. Whilst Rogaine is soluble in alcohol, Nanogaine is soluble in water, making it arguably less damaging to the scalp. As with many hair loss products, reviews are mixed. It appears that the product can offer benefits, but not necessarily to all hair loss sufferers.

Temporary Concealers

Concealers are hair loss products that do not claim to prevent hair loss, only to disguise baldness, making existing hair appear thicker and fuller. The most popular products include DermMatch, Nanogen Nanofibres and Toppik.

All temporary concealers work in a similar way, coating and extending remaining hair on the scalp to cover up balding areas. The results these products can achieve are fairly impressive, however they do not constitute a real hair loss remedy as such, as they do not provide a long term solution for those suffering advanced hair loss, because they all rely on the existence of at least a small amount of hair to cling to. The thinner the hair, the less effective they become. Concealers may provide short term relief for some people, who still have sufficient hair remaining.

Hair Systems

Commonly known as wigs, toupees or hair units, hair systems are used by many hair loss suffers as they provide an instant solution to hair loss.

As with all hair loss solutions, hair systems offer advantages and disadvantages. Systems can be expensive to buy and maintain, and are reported by many users to be difficult to live with, as a wig remains in place for up to 6-8 weeks before it can be removed. There is also the possibility of skin damage caused by the adhesives used to hold the system in place.

Hair Transplant Surgery

Finally, one of the most common options is to consider a hair transplant procedure. Hair transplant procedures do provide a solution for many thousands of men, however it is important to fully understand the procedure, and find a surgeon you are happy with, before committing to any treatment.

Patients are sometimes left with a hair transplant scar, or a collection of smaller scars, depending on the transplant method. HIS Hair Clinics commonly apply the MHT technique to camouflage these scars. Also, a combination of hair transplant and MHT treatment can produce very impressive results. This combination is particularly useful for those with insufficient donor hair for the hair density they desire.

The MHT® Micro Hair Technique

The MHT® technique was developed by HIS Hair Clinics to provide a safe, permanent, undetectable solution for hair loss. The technique is based around a highly sophisticated scalp pigmentation method, in which individual hair follicles are recreated to give the appearance of a full head of hair, with a close cropped, modern style.


Shabaz (above) had a rapidly thinning head of hair before his treatment. The change in his appearance has had a positive effect, on every aspect of his life. Results of this standard are routine, in fact, we are proud to hold a 100% client satisfaction record.

For further information regarding hair loss remedies or the MHT® technique, please see our hair loss treatments section, or for information about specific hair loss products, click on the various links above. Feel free to speak with our existing clients in our hair loss forum, or you can contact us directly for free and impartial hair loss advice.


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