Nioxin Shampoo for thinning hair


Nioxin is a range of haircare products, apparently offering “thicker, denser-looking hair in 30 days, guaranteed”.

Our initial reaction was one of scepticism. That is, after all, quite a claim for any hair loss product. Upon further investigation however, it appears that Nioxin is more of a hair thickening and rejuvenating product, rather than a product designed to prevent hair loss.

Their promise of “thicker, denser-looking hair” may therefore be achievable, however it is important this claim is put into context. Nioxin promises to improve the appearance of existing hair, not to combat thinning hair by preventing the scalp from shedding it.

Nioxin may offer benefits to those in the early stages of hair loss, or those suffering from temporary alopecia, but not to those suffering with advanced hair loss. Nioxin may also offer benefits for women with thinning hair.

What is in the range?

The range of Nioxin products is substantial, ranging from scalp renewal kits to styling products, each appearing to use the same basic formula. Their primary offering however, are their “Thinning Hair System Kits”.

What are Nioxin Thinning Hair System Kits?

Thinning Hair System Kits (formerly known as Bionutrient Actives / Protectives) by Nioxin are offered in six configurations, each suitable for a particular scenario. A Thinning Hair System Kit consists of a cleanser, a conditioner and a scalp treatment.

How much does this product cost?

Nioxin products vary greatly in price, however a starter kit containing a cleanser, conditioner and scalp treatment generally costs around £35.00 GBP (approx USD $57.00). Bear in mind this kit includes fairly small quantities (150ml cleanser, 150ml conditioner and 100ml scalp treatment), therefore this initial starter kit will need to be replaced fairly quickly.

A fairly honest account from a Nioxin user is shown below:


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