Does Provillus for men stop hair loss?


Is Provillus really comparable to Rogaine, one of the worlds most popular hair loss products?

Why the comparison? Because the active ingredient in Rogaine (called Regaine in the UK) is Minoxidil and crucially, Provillus also contains Minoxidil. Furthermore, both products are similarly priced at around $150 (USD) for a 6 month supply.

According to the Provillus website, they manufacture a 5% minoxidil liquid for men, the same concentration offered by Rogaine. Given the fact that Minoxidil is the principle active ingredient in Rogaine, we see no reason why Provillus shouln’t produce comparable results.

There are many examples of drugs that are sold under a variety of brand names, and many are also sold in generic form, usually for prescription by a medical professional. One example is finasteride, the active ingredient in hair loss drug Propecia. The same ingredient is also found in Proscar, a much cheaper alternative, whilst generic finasteride is prescribed by doctors to combat an enlarged prostate.

What about the Provillus supplement?

Provillus topical solution should not be confused with the food supplement the company also manufactures. The Provillus supplement does not contain Minoxidil and is not licensed by the MHRA (UK) or approved by the FDA (US) and therefore is not a medically proven treatment for hair loss. There are also no widely known clinical trials having been carried out for this product.


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