Does Nanogen Nanoguard really work?


nanoguard hair loss shampooNanogen is a vast range of branded hair loss products, pioneered and marketed by a laboratory in the UK since 1999.

Nanoguard is a shampoo that is claimed to reduce hair loss, and is recommended by the manufacturer to be used in conjunction with their Nanogaine product.

How does it work?

According to the manufacturer: “Nanoguard aims to prevent damage to the hair follicle and scalp. By preventing this damage, Nanoguard aims to slow shedding of hair and miniaturisation. This also revitalises and protects the hair follicle and creates an environment conducive to healthy hair growth.”

Is Nanogen Nanoguard any good?

We do not know. During the course of our day to day activities, we meet many hair loss sufferers who have tried countless products to tackle the problem. Nanogen Nanogaine is a product that is not mentioned by our clients very often, therefore we have received very little information by way of personal recommendation.

In order to assess the effectiveness of Nanoguard, we advise our clients who may be considering its use to try the product for a reasonable period of time. We would be interested to hear from any client who has tried Nanoguard, and is willing to share their experience in our forum.

Nanogen Nanoguard A Root Defence System Shampoo is recommended for use alongside Nanogen Nanogaine and Nanoguard B Anagen Activator Solution.

Are there any side effects?

Nanogen Nanoguard can sometimes (although rarely) cause irritation of the scalp. If this occurs then usage of this product should be discontinued.

What does it cost?

Nanoguard Shampoo costs around £15 GBP per month (approx $24 USD), however the product is recommended for use alongside other products in the Nanogen range. Factor in the cost of Nanogen Nanogaine at around £40 GBP for one months supply (approx $62 USD) and Nanogen Nanoguard Anagen Activator at around £30 GBP per month (approx $48 USD), and assuming you follow the manufacturers recommendations, the total cost is likely to be around £85 GBP per month (approx $134 USD). It is also important to note that usage must continue for the lifetime of the patient.


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