How To Match Your Beard To Your Hairstyle

How to match your beard to your hairstyle

How to match your beard to your hairstyleA well groomed beard can frame a man’s face and give his appearance an instant lift. However ask just about anyone and you’ll soon realise the importance of coordinating your beard style with your hairstyle. If the two styles clash you can quickly go from looking hot to not!

What to watch out for

Although it might take some experimentation, there are a couple of factors to keep in mind when trying to find a beard style which suits you. The first thing to consider is where your strength is; if you’ve got thick beautiful hair on your head then choose a style which draws attention to it and keep your beard as a secondary accessory. On the other hand, if you have fine or thin head hair with more luscious facial hair, then pick a beard style which compliments your facial shape and choose a more fitting minimalist hairstyle.

You also need to think about colours. Many men feel conscious of grey hairs growing in, however industry experts feel that naturally multi coloured hair is beautiful and should be embraced. If you’ve previously dyed your head hair to a more unnatural colour though you might want to consider matching your facial hair for a more natural balanced look – unless you are purposely looking to make a statement.

If you are dealing with hair thinning or baldness, then facial hair can give you more confidence. Yet if your facial hair also doesn’t grow very well, then you can always consider a beard transplant and customise the style to really complement your face.

Why get a beard transplant?

Beard transplant procedures are now on the rise, as they can be carried out with little to no pain, as a permanent solution with very little likelihood of future hair loss and with completely natural looking results. An experienced hair restoration surgeon can help you design the right beard shape for your face.

A beard transplant doesn’t only apply to beards either – the correct term is really “facial hair transplant”, and many men use them to create moustaches, sideburns or simply to fill in areas of sparse facial hair, to reduce patchiness or add a more defined shape. When the process is used to fill in patches, the surgeon will only extract hair which closely matches and resembles the facial hair. This versatility and customisability of the procedure is why so many men are opting for it to complete their dream look.


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