Reassuring News For Bald Men


Discovering that you are losing your hair is invariably met with some degree of dismay, some might shrug it off, others will be crushed. But from Penn State University there is news that all bald men should find reassuring. We look closer.


Pattern Baldness

While there are a range of triggers, illness, and stress among them, that can lead to a temporary loss of hair, for most the condition is permanent. That is because the massive majority of hair loss sufferers have their genetics to thank. Genes inherited from both parents contribute to our hair, a study last year identified in excess of 200 individual genes that all play a role. For a significant minority, it will mean they begin to lose hair at a young age… and for some, that can be as early as their teenage years. By the time we reach our forties the majority of us will have experienced some hair loss. 

The challenge for those who choose to take up the fight is to identify an appropriate solution that works for them. Some will opt for the daily routine that comes with either of the two FDA approved hair loss treatments, one topical and one in pill form. Some will go for the expense and restrictions of a hair system. A few lucky ones will discover Scalp Micropigmentation, the low cost, low maintenance, cost effective solution to pattern baldness. Still more will scour the internet looking for hair loss solutions that work, sadly finding hokum snake oil treatments that hold the promise, as they always have done, of a complete return to a full head of hair. 

Food For Thought

Pennsylvania State University has given bald men everywhere some reassuring news following research into how people really think about bald men. The research involved three studies, the first saw 59 men and women asked to rate photographs of men, some who were bald and some not, on perceived confidence, attractiveness, and dominance. The second study saw 367 men and women rate photographs where the hair had been digitally removed. The final study was non-visual, it involved 552 men and women who read descriptions of men… career, height, weight, age, and whether or not they had hair. 

The results of the first two studies might surprise you. Men with shaved heads were perceived to be more dominant than their hairy counterparts. The second study showed them to be perceived as taller and stronger too. Even when basing their perceptions on the written descriptions in the third study they arrived at the same results. 

There have been other supportive studies which seem to point in the same direction, with a perception of sexiness, a deeper voice, and even kindness attributed to bald men.


Evolution has seen baldness establish itself as a common feature. It makes no sense that it would be a hurdle to passing the genes on.  The authors of the Penn State study have suggested that the perception of men who shave their heads is that they are confident. So these studies point to the reasons for the success of the bald genes. There is a fundamental attraction towards dominant men, and it seems little says dominant better than an exposed scalp.

HIS Hair Clinic

Our thanks to Penn State for their positive approach to hair loss. Here at HIS Hair we have known for years that a shaved head can deliver a degree of confidence that most bald men had thought gone forever. While most of our clients would no doubt prefer never to have lost their hair in the first place, the SMP alternative runs it close… and thanks to the hard work of the Penn State team we now know exactly why.

 If you would like to discuss your hair loss situation with one of our team of friendly experts, simply complete our contact form on this page or click here to find your nearest clinic.



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