Have We Been Overlooking a Cooking Staple in the Search for a Cure for Hair Loss?


rosemaryLosing your hair can be a devastating experience, but a new study shows you may not have to look far for a cure. Rosemary is a common cooking herb found in many kitchens throughout the UK, but did you know it can also be great for hair loss?

As well as offering a distinctive, pleasant taste in numerous recipes, the herb is well-known for its medicinal benefits. It’s long been used to help aid digestion, improve the memory and even help to relieve muscle pain. However, it’s only recently scientists have discovered its link to hair loss. As a new study shows, when it comes to treating the most common type of hair loss, androgenetic alopecia, rosemary oil could even be just as effective as minoxidil 2%.

Understanding the trial

In the recent trial, half of the participants were treated with rosemary oil, while the other half were given minoxidil 2%. The treatment lasted for six months, with the goal to establish which treatment proved to be the most effective. Safety and efficiency evaluations were provided every 3 months.

In the 3-month evaluation, neither treatment showed any changes within the hair count. However, after 6 months both showed significant improvement. What’s interesting is that neither group stood out from the next. Both experienced the same level of results, showing that rosemary oil is indeed just as effective at treating androgenetic alopecia as minoxidil.

The benefits of rosemary oil on the hair

When you research into the effects rosemary oil has on the hair, you’ll be surprised at just how many benefits it provides. Not only can it help to stimulate hair growth, but it’s also useful for soothing a sore scalp and it can prevent premature greying.

It is thought that the oil contains active natural ingredients which work by blocking many of the causes of hair loss. It is also a powerful anti-fungal, helping to eliminate dandruff and sooth the scalp. It’s also known to boost circulation in the scalp. Using rosemary oil on the hair even just once per week can leave it looking healthier than it has done in years.

Overall the results of the latest study show that you don’t need to invest in expensive, potentially harmful treatments. Rosemary oil is natural, which means it will not cause any negative side effects. It’s also a lot cheaper to use. If you are experiencing hair loss, it is recommended you visit your doctor before trying any form of treatment in order to establish an exact cause.


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