Getting back to your roots – can thickening products help hair loss?


Human_hair_closeupIf we were able to choose the hair we have then it would be thick, full and shiny. Unfortunately our hair doesn’t always get the memo and we have to contend with thin and flat hair. Over-styling, unhealthy diets and stressful lifestyles can often result in our hair being a limp mess, there are products out there that reportedly boost your hairs volume whilst also nurturing it while it grows, but do they work?

The Facts

Baldness isn’t just an issue reserved for men, today more women than ever are frequently losing hair. Whether you have noticed thinning, alopecia or baldness, the NHS estimates that 8 million women in the UK have experienced hair loss.

There are many reasons for women experiencing hair loss, from thyroids to the extreme stress of pregnancy, and just as with men, the effects of it can be particularly devastating to your confidence.

Are Thickening Products The Answer?

The right styling products can help hide any hair loss or thinness that you may be experiencing, but they often only provide a temporary solution to your troubles and aren’t suitable for substantial hair loss. If you are looking for a cosmetic fix whilst you build up the strength of your hair then you should look for natural thickening products that you can use alongside a good scalp care.

The Solutions

To begin with, one of the best solutions is prevention! By maintaining a healthy diet and exercising regularly, you can keep your body and hair healthy. Of course if you are experiencing thinning then you need to consider what you may be doing wrong, from over styling with heat to poor scalp care.

Whether you are dealing with a more serious form of hair loss or not, a potential solution is the scalp micropigmentation procedure.

Ideal for those suffering from the likes of alopecia, SMP treatment is a procedure that might, to the untrained eye, similar to tattooing – it uses natural pigments that are applied to the second epidermal layer of the scalp and when put alongside natural hair follicles, creates a fuller and thick appearance.

The benefits of using scalp micropigmentation are as follows:

  •  It is an ideal solution to camouflage thinner parts of the scalp and hair loss
  • Importantly it has no impact on the body’s ability to regenerate follicles
  • Multiple shades can be used to create realistic and natural looking hairs


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